Urban Flight School (Parkour)

Learn the parkour tricks and stunts from the movies! Urban Flight School focuses on the art of running, jumping, climbing and tricking your way through environmental obstacles. Our coaches start with the basics and build on those fundamentals to allow students to achieve more complex movements. Students learn strength and control to increase their agility, balance, and coordination while learning impressive tricks and skills. Read more about Urban Flight School.

Tuition also includes a Frequent Flyer Membership for the student!

$100/month for 1 class/week

5+ Years

Beginner to Advanced

Beginner-Intermediate: 5:00PM – 6:00PM
Advanced: 6:00PM – 7:00PM
Wednesday classes are available at Airborne Lindon!


Designed with every type of tumbler in mind, Zero G Tumbling offers a fun and relaxed course to take athletes to the next level. Whether your background is in gymnastics, dance, cheer or if you are just new to the sport, our class is designed to help athletes learn the fundamentals, grow their talent, and give them the freedom to learn the skills THEY want to master.

Offered on Wednesdays at Airborne Lindon. Read More.


Surprise history lesson! Aspects of parkour can be found all throughout history but its official origins come from France. The art of parkour was the ability to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible by vaulting, climbing, or by any other means physically. It wasn’t until parkour became more popular that it evolved into “freerunning” which had the same goal but adding the flashy flips and tricks you see in all of today’s action movies and tv shows!


Students must be evaluated by an Airborne coach to be placed into the Advanced Level class. All students will start by attending the Beginner/Intermediate class. When coaches determine that a student meets the Advanced skill level, the student will stay for the next hour and attend the Advanced level class. After being placed in the Advanced level, the student will only attend the Advanced class hour each week.

Beginner – Little to no experience, but LOVES to throw their body around
Junior Cadet – has never done any flips or tumbling ever and is starting ground up
Senior Cadet – can almost land a front flip on a trampoline (can flip to a seated position or close to it)

Intermediate – Some experience, looking to take their skills to the next level
Wing Cadet – can land a frontflip on their feet comfortably on a trampoline and has started learning backflips
Air Cadet – can land a backflip on a trampoline and is wanting to learn how to start doing things on solid or less bouncy ground

Advanced – Plenty of experience, looking to master their skills
Air Commander – can do a backflip on the floor and is looking to improve their skills and learn the crazy stunts they see on YouTube.


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